Backflow test & Turn-on for only $65! (Up To 6 Zones)

Residential Services

Backflow Testing & Repairs


Backflow testing is required to be completed annually. Mike's Backflow is licensed and certified to test any type of backflow that you may have installed in your system. We can also repair, replace or upgrade backflow preventers to ensure that you are always compliant and up to code.



A necessary part of owning an in-ground irrigation system in this part of the country, is that you need to blow-out your system to prevent damage from frozen lines. We are Very experienced in winterization and can guarantee that we can blow-out your system with zero damage.

Spring Turn-Ons


Once the weather starts to get nice again in the spring, you will need to turn on your system and check for any potential damage that has occured during the winter months. We can come by, turn on your system and do a thorough inspection of all heads, nozzles, timers, valves etc. This ensures that your system is watering how and where it should be, leaving your lawn looking great.

Existing System Repairs


If you currently have a system installed by "the other guy" chances are, it will need to be repaired. If at any time you notice something wrong with your sprinklers, give us a call and we can make sure the repair is done and that it meets our standards.

New Installs


If you have recently decided that you are tired of dragging hoses around the yard, and want to install an in-ground automatic sprinkler system, call us and get a free quote. We design and install systems that work amazingly well, and stand the test of time.