Backflow test & Turn-on for only $65! (Up To 6 Zones)

Commercial Services

Backflow Testing & Repairs


Not only do we offer commercial irrigation backflow testing, but we offer testing for all commercial plumbing backflow devices as well. Backflow prevention is not unique to irrigation systems, often times city code requires backflow preventers on certain commercial equipment. We can service any and all of the devices you need tested or repaired.



We have the knowledge and equipment necessary to properly winterize commercial sized irrigation systems. We understand the fundamental differences between residential and commercial systems, and use that understanding to ensure that there are no issues with your system come spring time.

Spring Turn-Ons


For commercial properties and HOA's alike, we offer a spring time service to turn on and complete a thorough walkthrough of every zone on your system. We are also able to inspect and service irrigation pumps and pump equipment, this is especially important for properties that are utilizing gravity irrigation to pump water for pressurized systems. There is no system to large or too obscure for Mike's Backflow.

Existing System Repairs


Much like the service offered for residential clients, we are capable of repairing and retrofitting existing commercial irrigation systems. Anything from 2-wire systems to integrated control heads, we can work on it and and get operating like new again.